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14 years old Cameron Tillman was in an abandoned house on September 25, 2014. Neighbors in the community and the owner of the house were aware that Cameron and his friends had been using the house as a regular afterschool hangout. A little before 5:30 p.m., police who had received a 911 call about “armed men with guns” going into an abandoned home arrived. According to the other teens that were in the abandoned house at the time, when Cameron opened the door, police opened fire, hitting Cameron four times. According to the local sheriff, Cameron opened the door holding a BB gun, prompting the deputy that shot Cameron to “fear for his life.” Later the report was changed to say a BB gun was found “in close proximity” to Cameron’s body. Cameron’s older brother who witnessed the scene reported that Cameron had “nothing in his hand.” The officers had parked out of sight and the teens report that Cameron opened the door expecting to see friends, not knowing the officers were there. Cameron was alive for at least 45 minutes after he was shot. According to the family’s lawyer, the police offered no medical assistance.

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